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WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Finland's YMIR, Aeons of Sorrow, on CD, vinyl LP (OUT LATER), and cassette tape formats.

YMIR's history stretches back to the late '90s. The band originally existed as a trio of vocalist/guitarist Vrasjarn, later of funeral doomlords Profetus; drummer Lord Sargofagian, who concurrently founded the prolific Baptism; and lead guitarist Toni Pölkki. With this lineup, YMIR released the Trollsword demo in 1999, mystical black metal firmly (and favorably) of its time. Seven more years would follow before another recording came from YMIR, as the brothers Vrasjarn and Lord Sargofagian were busy with the aforementioned bands (and many others), but the Silvery Howling demo at last arrived in 2006 and saw the band scaled back to a duo and evincing a rawer, nastier sound whilst retaining the sweet stench of the '90s. Naturally, once again, more silence ensued...

YMIR are reverent to the old ways but are by no means tethered to reductive expression. Aeons of Sorrow is thus a black metal record, no more but definitely no less, and it doesn't need to "be" any more than that. Those whose eyes, ears, and hearts are open to such archaic language will heed the call, just as they did with Ymir.