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CALIGULA formed in 1984 in New York City and were part of that legendary wave when punk and metal bands started crossing each other's territory and playing shows together. CALIGULA raised their banner high playing shows with the likes of WHIPLASH, CARNIVORE, SHEER TERROR, CRUMBSUCKERS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, REST IN PIECES and many more. "Technical Aggression" is their 1987 Demo featuring five songs of fast and violent thrash metal that betrays the hardcore influence only in its speed and in the super-aggressive approach.
The CD version features the whole CBGB's show and two additional tracks recorded live in 1988, never heard before as well


"Technical Aggression" Demo 1987
1 The Killing Of Time
2 Crippled Youth
3 Paralysis
4 Euthanasia
5 Caligula

Live CBGB'S, NYC, 09/27/1987
6 Depth Charger
7 Hidden Corruption
8 Social Insecurity
9 Terrorist Invasion
10 Caligula

Live 04/15/1988
11 Splinter Of The Mind
12 The Decline Of Morality